Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Roly Poly pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry...

Hi there! I'm on holiday again at my grammy and grandpapas! I'm such a lucky boy! Now what's been happening this week?

Well, my parents have been playing it pretty low key. You know, staying in, watching moving images on a big black box (this contraption keeps them entertained for HOURS, so I can get up to much mischeif!!! Ho ho! Next time Momma does a white wash and wonders why all her white socks and Daddy's white t-shirts are now pink, that'll be me putting a strawberry in the washing machine!)

Speaking of food, that's all going well. I like this thing you call food. Momma tried to extend my palate once again and introduced something called a toe-pa-to. Or a po-to- ta. Silly name, really, for a silly vegetable. Once spoon full and I felt my mouth seize up and my tongue decided not to work for a couple of hours. Daddy told me that I'm really going to like potatoes in a few years time and I will constantly be demanding things called chips. He also said that if I was asking for these chip things in America where my Gramma Myzer and Auntie Sue live, then I'd be demanding french fries. (I know I know, I didn't get it either. They live in America, yet the things are French. Does that mean that the people in France called them Oz fries?) So, not a big fan of potatoes. Momma told me that all she's made for dinner whilst we stay at Grammy's house is potaoes. Yuk. It doesn't matter as my Grandpapa has promised to sneak me some singapore fried noodles when Momma's not looking.

The BEST thing about staying at my Grammy's house is that my Daddy has come too! Momma said we may even all share a bed. So there were 3 in the bed and the little one said (that's me) "Roll over, Roll over" (which, I have now proved to my Momma and Daddy that I can do, from Belly to back....I could do it ages ago but I couldn't be bother to tell them that I could. I can do all sorts of stuff, but I don't let on that I do as they'll be dubbing me Baby Einstein etc etc. Yawn!

Anyway, enough for now...more soon. My Grammys got Wifi at her house so I can blog from my travel cot!



PS OH! And I'm really going to go on holiday with Momma, Daddy and Grammy. We're going to some place called Weymouth (which is pronouced Weigh-moth - silly English pronnounciations!) and I'm going to smell the sea air, lie on the beach and read my board book, and munch on fish and chips....(had better start liking potatoes I guess). We're not going until the end of next month, but I've got my swimming nappies packed already! Can't wait!

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